How to Start a Blog

A valid question that come to mind is what is a blog. You can find tons of answers from the search engines. Basically, a Blog can be a website or part of a site, displayed chronologically were you can add articles, personal stories, diaries, news articles, and related information on what you would like to share. A person who writes, edits, or updates entries is called a “blogger”. The process of updating, contributing, and maintaining a post is called blogging. Blogs can be a collection of your thoughts, ideas, or opinions. It actually depends on what your interests in life are. In a blog, readers are usually allowed to submit their comments at the end of each post. In many ways, its purpose is to be interactive.

Blogging Sites

Honestly, I didn’t know how to start and what topic I should implement in my post. I started asking my friends, where to write a blog and I even searched and reviewed what blogging sites I should use. The answer that I got was “WordPress.” A person like myself, who didn’t have any knowledge of css, html, software programs and all the associated technical skills, would have a difficult time trying to understand and learn all of this. To say the least, I was frustrated! I tried dozens of blogging platforms in a feeble attempt to create blogs, until I finally found the right one which match my skill level. Don’t get me wrong, I think wordpress is terrific, and I do use it now. But you do have to possess a few technical skills. For the novice blogger, it is perhaps best to begin with a simple platform, which does most of the work for you, such as Yola. In many of the resources listed below, you can sign up for a free account. It is sometimes an idea to create two or three free accounts until you find a platform you feel comfortable with. So, here are some suggested sites you can experiment with and try to start blogging on.





Web starts


Currently, thousands and thousands of blogs exist and some are highly innovative. Some blogger are becoming more and more popular and are moving from part time leisure blogging to full time employment as a blogger. What motivates these people to write their material? The reasons could range from making a profit to just to sharing thoughts and ideas. Personally, I started by making a website (not a weblog) about Teaching English Online which is quite active until now. My passion for cooking also inspired me to create a cooking website. From general knowledge, I created other informational sites.

I kept busy blogging for a couple of months after work. For some other bloggers, I could say, “its a source of “bread and butter.” Blogging, for me, is many of these things. I can say, however, that I am truly happy and fulfilled giving purposeful quality content to a blog. Maybe, It motivates me to keep posting new content.

I realize that many people are becoming interested on how to make money online, making a website for profit, getting traffic, and online jobs etc. Making a blog which has useless or limited content merely for the purpose of generating sales to a website is without value. Sometimes we forget how valuable content is. Many bloggers are merely focusing on advertisements, design, etc.

I was unaware of these things before I started doing research and joined several forums. Now, I have learned so much. I, in many ways, have come to realize and know what most of my readers and visitors need and want. It doesn’t matter if your post is short or long. The primary concern is that it has quality content. If you are dedicated to what you are saying, then you will not only retain your readers, but also to the search engines and all the advantages thereafter. I honestly believe that the beauty of a blogging platform is not nearly as influential as the quality of its content. If you are mindful of this, you will certainly attract and interact with more readers. The bottom line is simply blogged on what ever you’re passionate about.

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