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A beginner who wants to build a personal or online business website will ask things such as “How do I even start to build a website? What is the best website builder to use? How do I publish my website and how do I get people to look at it?” If you query search engines such as Google or Yahoo for this answer, tonnes of sites come up offering different services and free trials, but many are languages and coding most people can’t even understand.

This has encouraged me to create links which will give you a list of user friendly websites, tools, and other information to get you on the road to building a successful and profitable website.

The following is a list of “User Friendly Website Builders”

No Programming
Drag and Drop
Search Engine Friendly

No HTML Web Design Knowledge Required
Create Unlimited Number of Websites
Very Easy to Use – Drag and Drop

Easy to Use
Drag and Drop
Free Domain Name and Hosting
Social Networking Tools

Easy Drag and Drop Interface
Create Free Website and Blog
Free Domain Hosting

Website Builder Free
Easy Word Processor Like Editing
Add and Remove Page from Site
Upload and Edit Photos Within the System

2000 Professional Design Templates
Free Hosting
Quick and Easy Customized Tools

Editing Tools
Form and HTML Features
Easy Drag and Drop

Customize and Updating Features
Easy Drag and Drop

Easy to Use Tools
Free Web Hosting
Add Multiple Pages

Free and Easy Website Builder
Ideal for your E Shop
Easy Customized Tools

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